Who is Young Life reaching?

YL is about Every Kid, Everywhere, for Eternity!

There are over 30,000 teenagers between all the high schools, junior high schools and colleges in the Santa Clarita Valley.  The vast majority of this confused population is looking for more to life than what they are living for.  Our volunteer leaders seek out relationships with the "furthest out" teenagers in hopes of bringing the hope of Christ to their lives.

Currently we have 2 ministries for high school students. 


  • West Side reaches students at Valencia and Saugus
  • South Side reaches students at Hart and West Ranch
  • East Side reaches students at Canyon and Golden Valley.
We hope to expand this into having a Young Life ministry at each high school.


We have re-started our ministry for middle school students that we call Wyld Life.  Currently we have students from several schools particpating as it is open to all 6th, 7th and 8th graders!

Along with our ministries to high school and jr. high students we have a ministry for Special Needs students with developmental disabilities called "Fun Life" for junior high and high school students and "Fun Life Beyond" for adults who are out of school.

We truly are about reaching "Every kid, Everywhere, for Eternity."

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"Fun Life"

Fun Life is our ministry for students with special needs
Young Life as an organization has a special ministry for teens with disabilities called Young Life Capernaum.  Here in Santa Clarita we have decided to call the ministry "Fun Life" because our motivation is to bring life to teens with special needs through laughter and fun as well as eternal life through Jesus Christ. 
We started our Fun Life in 2005 with 4 teens in a garage. Now we have grown into about 150 young people involved in two clubs, We have a club for junior high and high schoolers which we call Fun Life Club, and another club for our friends who have graduated from high school which we call Beyond Fun Life.  Every other Friday night we host different events for our friends such as karaoke and dances and clubs filled with games and laughter. 
Young Life was started in the fall of 1980 by Nick Palermo in San Jose.  There are now over 150 existing Capernaum clubs in the US and even internationally.  If you have questions or would like more info, contact John Pantellas our Fun Life Director.   

​Wyld Life​​

​Wyld Life is our ministry for junior high and middle school students 6th-8th grade.  The need for this ministry has become increasingly more apparent as teenagers are beginning to experiment with destructive behavior at an earlier and earlier age.

We re-started this ministry after a 3 year hiatus and is beginning to thrive with our young college-aged leadership team!

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